Northside Outside IC - Donate
Northside Outside IC - Donate

Northside Outside IC - Donate

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The closure of North Linn Street has become a sign of fun with the joining together of friends and community and the unofficial start to summer on the Northside. The #NorthsideOutsideIC initiative began as a means of survival with the onset of the pandemic and has grown into a beautiful outdoor gathering space for the people of Iowa City to visit, enjoy a meal, whether packed or purchased, and catch up with old friends or make new connections.

As the Northside approaches the third year of Northside Outside IC, the Northside businesses must look forward to the longevity of the gathering space and in doing so, they ask the community for assistance in helping the neighborhood at large by beautifying the little block on North Linn Street and making it an outdoor area for the community to enjoy during the warmer weather.

With growth comes change and with change comes progress. This year North Linn Street will look a little different than summers in the past, but that change will only help the neighborhood progress towards a sustainable gathering space we foresee having for years to come.

- Brix Cheese Shop & Wine Bar, Goosetown, the Webster, Hamburg Inn, Wild Culture Kombucha, John's Grocery, & Prairie Kitchen Store