Long Red, Pink, and black repurposed button necklace

Long Red, Pink, and black repurposed button necklace

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This button necklace is made of repurposed or upcycled plastic buttons. This necklace is handmade in our Iowa City from vintage buttons. The pink and red buttons have been hand dyed from vintage white plastic buttons. On this handmade necklace, the bold bright colors, are arranged to create a fade effect, from dark red to pink at the bottom.

This upcycled button necklace is bright and bold, a true statement necklace!

This  repurposed button necklace is long enough to be slipped easily over your head, and then can be adjusted in length from 24 to34 inches using a hand tied macramé square knot closure. The buttons used in this necklace vary in width from .5 inches wide to .75 inches wide.

This recycled button necklace comes with our original jewelry store tags and a gift box.